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Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories who are performing comprehensive NGS testing may request to become a participant in the CureOne N1 Registry. A lab can utilize the N1 Registry as an independent and honest broker for clinical data collection to satisfy payer requirements, demonstrate clinical evidence, or to improve quality of testing.

Oncologists can provide sequencing for patients covered by insurers, learn more about molecular medicine through a shared database of genomics and outcomes, obtain access to rich data sources for research, access clinical trials and greatly advance research in precision medicine.

Patients can receive advanced testing that is paid for by insurers, and can help advance personalized medicine in a very important and powerful manner. Ask your Oncologist how you might qualify for participation.



Precision medicine will only advance as fast we can collect detailed genomic information matched to clinical outcomes. CureOne is one of the largest efforts to date in the oncology arena to provide this type of data. With sponsor support we can continue and expand the CureOne data collection efforts, quality data oversight and provide unsurpassed access to rich genomic data for research and learning.



As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, CureOne is advancing precision medicine by bringing all key stakeholders together and focusing everyone’s efforts to find a cure. Our passion is for patients, not profits. We need the support of many individuals to continue the work we started and expand it globally. Your support is imperative to advance cancer care and build a world where it’s never too late for a cure.